From shed to largest dealer in Europe with its own manufactory - Our history

WiMo is the specialist for radio systems and antennas. We supply you with amateur radio sets, accessories and antennas, Wifi and mobile radio antenna systems, ready-made cables and individual components. Whether you are an end customer, specialist dealer or OEM, resident in Germany or abroad - we are happy to serve you.

WiMo offers the widest range with the highest availability in Europe. We are proud of our high flexibility and good reliability, which you can expect from a medium-sized business. Almost 60 employees (including eight experienced radio amateurs) are at your disposal in sales, development, production and service to process your orders quickly and reliably. Of course, special developments and series production are also possible - challenge us.

Regardless of whether you order a small part for your radio set as a private individual customer, need an individual series of special antennas as a company or want to expand your Wifi offer as a specialist dealer - WiMo will offer you competent advice.

You can order conveniently and securely via our web shop. The web store offers you not only the ordering possibility, but also a lot of technical information and concrete tips about the products. We will be happy to advise you on the individual products by telephone, e-mail or WhatsApp. Moreover, if you are in the vicinity, you are welcome to use the spacious showroom. Here you will find almost all current transceivers and many accessories, practical tests and comparisons are possible at your leisure on the existing antennas.

The dispatch takes place daily with the DHL, GLS, DPD, UPS or Fedex so that the ordered commodity reaches you fast and secure. With over 3,000 m² of storage and manufacturing space, we ensure that most products are always ready for delivery.

We organise regular open house days in Herxheim: the grill party in spring and the in-house exhibition in autumn are visited by over 250 radio amateurs and friends to exchange ideas with our manufacturers and employees.

Company History


WiMo presented itself to the public for the first time in 1982 at the 'Ham Radio' show, with a 9 m² booth. At that time, some antennas for handheld radios were offered as well as a HF millivolt meter from our own development and production and an add-on graphic circuit for the then well-known BASIC computer TRS-80.


In 1983, the company moved from Blaustein/Ulm to the vicinity of Karlsruhe, all company activities took place in the 'Schopf' (shed) at the residential house, the warehouse was located in the former pigsty …


1985 saw another move, now to Herxheim. There was now 100 m² of commercial space in the extension under the terrace and in the cellar. The large metal saw, however, only found it’s home in the double garage …


Because the company was expanding all the time - and because the neighbours were complaining about the noise - renting a 300 m² hall in the industrial area of Herxheim was inevitable in 1992.

During this time the companies ANDES, HOFMEISTER and the antenna production of SHF-DESIGN (Berlin) were taken over, an ideal addition to the existing program.

In addition to antennas and accessories, customer-specific production of electronic devices began at that time. For example, starting in 1992, about 300 units of the entire on-board electronics including a display unit were produced annually for a manufacturer of high-end motorhomes.


In 1995 we finally moved into our new hall building at the end of the Herxheim industrial estate with 700 m² of floor space.


Unfortunately too small again, a new building was added in 1998. We now have more than 1000 m² area for production, office, exhibition and warehouse …


In March 2000 we acquired the antenna production of the worldwide renowned company ZX-YAGI.

Ron Eberson founded ZX in 1980. Initially conceived as a hobby, the company had expanded strongly in recent years. ZX-Yagi manufactures high-quality short wave antennas at affordable prices. The products are supplied through dealers in most European countries and in the USA.

Production moved to Germany in mid-March 2000. The production in Herxheim was resumed after only 2 weeks interruption, so that almost no supply bottlenecks arose.


At the beginning of the new millennium, the company continued to grow and new employees were hired. In spring 2005 another extension building was planned which was completed in May 2006. Thus, the area for production, storage and dispatch has expanded to approx. 1300 m².


Towards the end of the year WiMo bought the products of the Italian manufacturer UltraBeam. This acquisition gave WiMo access to the market for antennas with the highest frequency agility and power handling requirements. In addition to the amateur radio market, the commercial and military sectors also play an important role here.


In September 2018, EAntenna from Andalusia, Spain is acquired. EAntenna's enormous product range offers more than 300 products from shortwave to 13 cm as well as a platform for an expansion of the segment of customized antennas for the professional and private customer market.

Ultimately, WiMo not only strengthened its technical position, but also substantially increased its production volume together with UltraBeam. WiMo's reach gives both products a stable production base and increased market reach.

In addition, WiMo expanded its visibility and reach in the Spanish and Portuguese amateur radio markets through the acquisition of the established web shop


In January, WiMo takes over the construction and distribution of the complete product range of Hari, one of the largest manufacturers of wire antennas.


Through the growth during the recent years, we have expanded to almost 60 employees. Both our systems and our structures have to be adapted. We have afforded a new webshop and are implementing new business software to serve our customers even better.

Our goal is to deliver the best customer experience. To this end, further improvements will be implemented in the coming years.