Large Selection of Antenna Rotator Accessories

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  1. ARCO Extension: LoRa Communication
    ARCO Extension: LoRa Communication

    1 set (2 pieces) microHAM communication modules for ARCO rotor controller, 433 or 868 MHz

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  2. GPF-60 Rotator platform
    GPF-60 Rotator platform

    Heavy platform for rotors or upper bearings, up to 60mm

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  3. ARCO Extension: Magnet compass
    ARCO Extension: Magnet compass

    Magnetic azimuth sensor usable as main azimuth sensor for rotators with broken/missing sensor and as antenna "slippage" watchdog.

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  4. ARCO Extension: 4 relays
    ARCO Extension: 4 relays

    Control module with 4 relays, control and programming directly on ARCO controller

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8 Items



What types of accessories are available for antenna rotors?
There are various types of accessories for antenna rotors such as mounting plates, rotor controllers, cables and connectors, angle clamps, and maintenance kits. This accessory equipment enables secure and easy installation, control, and maintenance of antenna rotors.
What are rotor controllers used for?
Rotor controllers are used to control the position of antenna rotors. They allow you to rotate the antenna to the desired direction and save the position. These controllers can be controlled either manually or automatically.
How important is the maintenance of antenna rotors?
Regular maintenance of antenna rotors is very important to ensure optimal performance and long life. Maintenance kits typically include all the necessary tools and replacement parts to clean and maintain the rotors.