Many antennas, whether for the car or at home, are resonant on several amateur radio bands simultaneously. That means you could 'in principle' operate two radios at the same time on the antenna. This is exactly what a so-called diplexer makes possible, a crossover which splits a common signal into several sub-bands. The filtering and attenuation outside the desired band range is so good that it is easy to listen to one band while transmitting on another band. There are also crossovers for combined broadcast / amateur radio antennas. They enable reception of a radio station with the car radio and at the same time operation with a radio set.

By the way, a diplexer can also be operated 'the other way round' without any problems. This means that you can branch out from one radio to several antennas, each of which is optimized for exactly one band range. This way, cables can often be better used, for example if you are only allowed to lay one cable in the riser shaft.


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  1. 4O3A HFC-4500 - Triplexer / Combiner
    4O3A HFC-4500 - Triplexer / Combiner

    Triplexer for 10, 15 and 20m, designed for high power up to 4500 Watt. Allows operation of a multi-band antenna on several radios at the same time, also at the transmitting end, when using suitable bandpass filters at the same time.

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  2. 4O3A QPXC-8 Triplexer Extender
    4O3A QPXC-8 Triplexer Extender

    Extension for 4O3A HFC-4500 triplexer/combiner, for an additional band in the frequency range 1.8-7.3 MHz.

    Available from 26.04.2024

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What is an antenna diplexer?
An antenna diplexer is a device that allows multiple antennas to be connected to a single cable. It splits the signal into multiple outputs and prevents crosstalk between the antennas.
What is an antenna diplexer used for?
An antenna diplexer is used to connect multiple antennas in a building or in a car. This is helpful in improving the signal and reducing space requirements at the same time.
What are the different types of antenna diplexers?
There are different types of antenna diplexers such as frequency separation, polarization splitting, and time delay separation. Each type is designed for a specific application and offers different advantages.