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The WiMo masts are ideally suited for portable use due to their telescopic extension and low weight.

WiMo offers telescopic aluminium masts with a height from four to 16 metres. Apart from the height, they differ mainly in the transport length. With the exception of a few special sizes, WiMo offers telescopic aluminium masts in two different transport sizes - namely 1.5m and 1.9m.

Furthermore, the masts differ depending on the height in the number of sections (from 3 to 11) and accordingly the diameters of the tubes (20mm to 75mm). In combination with the height, this results in the mast diameter at the top and bottom of the mast. Please take this into account when ordering accessories.

The sliding masts consist of several aluminium tubes slotted on one side, which can be extended to any length and locked in place with a solid clamp. The maximum extension length is limited by a marking ring approx. 20 cm before the end of the tube. Since there is no fixed stop, it is recommended to approach the marking slowly.

Please observe the clamping length when setting up the masts. The clamping length is 1/6 of the extension length, but at least 1 meter. For mast lengths longer than 6 metres, calculated from the upper clamping point, the mast must be additionally guyed.

The specified additional forces refer to a horizontal force at the top of the mast when the mast is extended and not guyed and the clamping length is 1/6 of the mast length. This already includes the dead load at a wind speed of 50km/h (corresponds to wind force 7).

  1. Mast tripod ST1,35/70

    Mast stand with 1.35m transport length, 1.2m clamping length, for mast diameters of 25-70mm, 5kg weight

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