STU-70, Universal, small collapsible mast base

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Supply Scope

  • Mast base
  • Clamping sleeve
  • Mounting bracket
The STU-70 is uses a square aluminium with a size of 90 x 90mm. It comes with four support struts, which rest horizontally on the ground when mounted, and which can be mounted in different ways.

Using 2 struts results in a tilting mast base, on which a car can be parked. Mounting all 4 struts starlike results in a free-standing mast base; the struts can be fixed to the floor with weights like concrete slabs, or with the help of the included mounting brackets and with screw pegs.

At last the support struts can be mounted vertically and then set in concrete or put in the ground; the latter however is only possible in light sandy soil. Guying is necessary in any case, of course.

The mast base is suitable for holding portable masts or other tubes made of aluminium or steel as well as for clamping glass-fiber reinforced masts with diameters of 40-70mm. The included clamping piece helps that glass-fibre masts are not stressed with a point load, which could easily crush the masts. Instead the load is distributed over a larger surface.

Dimensions of the mast base when collapsed are 550x90x90 mm and fits in every car trunk. The support struts and all necessary hardware parts can be placed inside of the mast base, the ends are closed by two easily removable aluminium plates. Total weight is 4.8 Kgs.
Technical Data
Product Name STU-70
Weight 4.8 kg
Brand WiMo

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