Remote Controller f. OM2500A

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OM2500A Controller OM

For the OM2500A a remote control unit is available, which allows remote operation up to 10m. Additionally, the use of a LAN network allows operation over longer distances. Also, the control via the Internet is possible.

4000A Remote Controller

With the remote control unit the OM4000A can be operated remotely up to 10m. For longer distances there is a LAN connection available, which allows to integrate the controller into a network or even to control over the Internet.

All operating states are indicated by LEDs on the remote controller. A 30-digit bar graph display shows the actual output power TX-mode.

Remote unit is interfaced to LAN via XPORT made by Lantronix. In the controller a web interface is implemented where the settings can be changed differently from the default values. For remote control and monitoring of pthe amplifier you need a special software, which is provided free of charge.

The remote controller must be properly grounded!

Connect the screw on the back of the box by a copper cable (at least 4 mm2 cross-section) with the station ground. Connect your transceiver and the amplifier on the same ground! If you use an amplifier with high output, you need to be aware that your system must be properly grounded. All parts must be grounded on the same system. Use short cable, and make sure they have good contact!


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