SPE Amplifiers

SPE (Italy) is known since many years as a manufacturer of very sophisticated semiconductor power amplifiers. The PAs offer excellent RF characteristics such as good linearity and an optional pre-distortion, but at the same time also the corresponding protective circuits for safe operation.

A special feature of the SPE power amplifiers are the remote control options of the power amplifiers. This makes it very easy to integrate the PAs into the CAT control of most transceivers. This makes fully automatic operation - even remotely - very easy. Even the control of a power amplifier with two transceivers for SO2R operation and mutual interlocking is thus made easy.


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  1. SPE Expert Amplifiers
    SPE Expert Amplifiers

    SPE Amplifiers for power levels from 1.3 to 2 kW, best possble CAT integration.

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  2. SPE Power Combiner for 2 amplifiers max. 5 kW
    SPE Power Combiner for 2 amplifiers max. 5 kW

    Power combiner for two SPE power amplifiers up to max. 5 kW, 6 antenna connections, 2 transceiver connections.

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2 Items