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A manual coax switch is the most common form of these switches. It is usually used to switch an antenna quickly between two radios, for example to compare the two receivers. Or you switch between two antennas to check which one gives the better reception signal.

Manual coax switches differ at first according to the number of connections. Here there are versions from 2 to 6 positions. Mostly one common connector is on one side, the switched connectors on the opposite side, but there are also other designs (see Alpha-Delta). So you have to consider how the cables should be laid. Another criterion is the maximum frequency up to which such a coaxial switch should be used. Simple designs can be used without restrictions up to 30 MHz. Higher frequencies usually require very careful mechanics, which for stability reasons are housed in a robust die-cast aluminium housing. Still other switches come with an integrated lightning protection. It is noteworthy what happens to the unused inputs, whether they are connected to ground or remain open. Both can be useful, it depends on the application.


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  1. BIRD-7431 coax switch 0-10 GHz, 4xN
    BIRD-7431 coax switch 0-10 GHz, 4xN

    4-way changeover switch with interesting operating concept, N sockets

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