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LDG offers asymmetric automatic-antenna tuners for desktop operation. They are working stand alone, operated by an separate controller or supported via control cable connection between tuner and transceiver. LDG automatic tuners are available in several power ratings between 20 watts QRP up to 600 watts. These antenna tuners are only suitable for indoor use at the radio station. Only the LDG RT-100 model is housed in a weatherproofed casing and designed for remote outdoor installation. More suitable automatic tuners for this application you find in the categories MFJ und CG.

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  1. LDG Z-817 Antenna Tuner 20W
    LDG Z-817 Antenna Tuner 20W

    LDG QRP Antenna Tuner 20W, with cable for ACC port, four internal AA batteries.

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  2. LDG Y-ACC Tuner Interface Cable Yaesu
    LDG Y-ACC Tuner Interface Cable Yaesu

    LDG control cable for Yaesu transceivers, 10-pin miniDIN or 15-pin SubD connector

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How does an LDG antenna tuner work?
An LDG antenna tuner is a device that is used to adjust the resonant frequency of an antenna to a specific frequency band. It operates automatically and adjusts the capacitance of the antenna so that it optimally covers the desired frequency range.
What are the benefits of using an LDG antenna tuner?
By using an LDG antenna tuner, the performance of the antenna can be increased. Additionally, disturbances and interference are reduced, resulting in better signal quality. The antenna can also be more easily adjusted to different frequency bands, providing more flexibility and usability.
Are LDG antenna tuners compatible with all antenna models?
LDG antenna tuners are typically compatible with a variety of antenna models. However, it is important to consider the specific requirements and features of the antenna before purchasing an antenna tuner. It is best to consult the manufacturer or an expert to ensure that the antenna tuner is suitable for the particular antenna.