HEIL Ham Radio Microphones

Company logo of Heil SoundThe company Heil Sound (USA) manufactures microphones for music and vocal recordings in professional studio technology. And since the founder of the company, Bob Heil, is also a radio amateur, it was obvious to apply the experiences from the studio area also in amateur radio. Here, in contrast to music recording, it is not important to record unaltered over the largest possible frequency range. Rather, it is important to know the characteristics of human speech exactly and to take them into account. Thus, the frequency range that is important for good intelligibility is emphasized, while other ranges are rather attenuated.

Thus, the microphones and microphone capsules from Heil Sound are very well suited for radio technology, the intelligibility increases especially with noisy radio traffic on shortwave. Heil Sound offers a variety of precisely tuned adapter cables for trouble-free use with all leading radio equipment manufacturers, as well as accessories for microphone technology such as vibration-free suspensions, microphone booms, etc.


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  1. Heil HM-12 Hand microphone
    Heil HM-12 Hand microphone

    Dynamic microphone with soft-touch PTT switch, 4-pin XLR connector

    Available from 16.01.2024

    incl. VAT, plus shipping €75.55
    SKU HM-12
  2. PR-781.GOLD Desktop Microphone gold
    PR-781.GOLD Desktop Microphone gold

    Excellent microphone, especially for top class transceivers, wide frequency range, black steel case

    In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days

    incl. VAT, plus shipping €197.48
    SKU PR-781.GOLD
  3. PR-40 Studio Microphone
    PR-40 Studio Microphone

    Heil PR-40, high quality microphone, 3-pin XLR connector, 25mm membrane

    In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days

    incl. VAT, plus shipping €329.41
    SKU PR-40
  4. HM-10XD Hand microphone
    HM-10XD Hand microphone

    2 switchable microphone capsules (DX/Contest and "normal mode")

    No longer available

    incl. VAT, plus shipping €131.01
    In stock
    SKU HM-10XD
  5. GM Goldline Microphone w. HC-5.1
    GM Goldline Microphone w. HC-5.1

    with Studio cartridge and HC-5.1, without cable

    In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days

    incl. VAT, plus shipping €158.82

Items 1-10 of 14