Hands Free Kits for Mobile Radios

Amateur radio in the car is used by a lot of radio amateurs, so you always have contact - be it on the way to the weekend or on the daily drive to work. However, an exciting QSO can also distract from traffic. Good if you then have both hands free. This is exactly the purpose of a hands-free car kit.

It is foreseeable that there will be a uniform regulation in the EU in the next years, which will not only prohibit the use of telephones while driving, but also of radios. Up to now amateur radios have been exempt from this ban, but this will probably change. But you can still use the amateur radio while driving safely and comfortably if you use a hands-free car kit. In most cases a microphone is used, which is positioned close to the mouth. In addition there is a PTT button that can be easily and safely operated without having to take your hand off the steering wheel. Ideally, there is then an exactly matching cable set to the radio. The latest radios with Bluetooth offer the possibility to work with a BT headset.


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  1. Hands Free Kit for cars, Kenwood radios
    Hands Free Kit for cars, Kenwood radios

    Mobile handsfree kit for Kenwood devices, with gooseneck microphone and PTT unit

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