MICRO-10SW MicroHAM 10fold Antenna switch PL

MICRO-10SW MicroHAM 10fold Antenna switch PL

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The antenna switches by microHAM are weatherproof for mast mounting, but can be operated in the shack as well. The switches can be controlled by the "micoHAM band decoder" (see above, 5m cable included) or other band decoders. The PCB in the switches is a special HF design with striplines, using individual stubs for optimum SWR and lowest insertion losses. Unused antennas are grounded, when unit is powered off all antennas are grounded. The solid aluminum die cast chassis with 4mm wall thickness provides excellent protection against RF interference (class IP66). Normally all switches come with PL jack (female), N jacks are optionally available. Switches are available with 1-to-6, 2-to-6 or 1-to-10 configurations.
Technical Data
Max. Current Intake (A) 0.080
Size W x H x D 220 x 103 x 120mm
Weight [kg] 2.40 kgs


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