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  1. Pactor 3 Lizenz
    Pactor 3 Lizenz

    Pactor-3 License, please tell us the serial number of your PTC!

    Ordered only on customer request, down payment required, delivery time approx. at 5 days

    incl. VAT, plus shipping €148.74
  2. DR-7800 Option Bluetooth for retrofitting
    DR-7800 Option Bluetooth for retrofitting

    Retrofit module for wireless connection between Pactor controller and computer

    Available in 5 days

    incl. VAT, plus shipping €82.35

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What is a Pactor Modem?
A Pactor Modem is a device capable of transmitting data over amateur radio. It is used to send and receive emails and other digital data through radio waves.
What is a Pactor Modem used for?
Pactor modems are mainly used in marine communication and by sailboats to send and receive data such as emails, weather reports, and navigation information. It can also be used to transmit digital data over long distances when no other means of communication is available.
How does a Pactor Modem work?
A Pactor Modem works by converting data into a special format that can be transmitted over radio waves and received by another Pactor Modem. It uses a proprietary transmission standard to ensure that the data is securely and reliably transmitted. The modem is capable of sending and receiving data at high transfer rates, making it convenient for longer transmissions.