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Amateur radios are in the usually low voltage devices, mostly designed for 12V, rarely for 24 or 48V. This means that in almost every case you need a power supply at the station. The power supply transforms the AC voltage of the supply network from 230V to 12 or more precisely 13.8V DC.

There are many criteria to consider when choosing a power supply. Fixed voltage power supplies (fixed to 13.8V) are safer, you cannot accidentally set the output voltage wrong. But you can't use them for experiments on devices with a different voltage. Power supplies with variable output voltage are more versatile, but you have to make sure that the correct voltage is always set.

Then there is the decision between classic transformer power supplies and switching power supplies. Switch mode power supplies are wrongly said to cause interference on short wave or VHF. In principle this is conceivable, but can be effectively avoided by careful circuit design and shielding. Switching power supplies have the big advantage that they are smaller, lighter and more efficient than transformer power supplies. It is also important to ensure correct power factor correction (PFC) for switching power supplies. Without this, a switched-mode power supply would not be permitted in the EU.

The power of a station power supply - no matter what type - should not be too low. Even if the transceiver only needs 22A at peak load, additional loads are quickly added. In general it is advisable not to operate a power supply at the 100% load limit. A healthy oversizing ensures cool operation and a very long life of the central power supply.


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  1. Icom Quick Charger BC-202IP2
    Icom Quick Charger BC-202IP2

    Quick/Desktop Charger for ID-31E, ID-51E, ID-51E-PLUS2, includes p/s BC-123SE

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  2. Yaesu Wall Power Supply
    Yaesu Wall Power Supply

    Switching wall charger, same function as NC-72C but lighter (ex NC-86C)

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What is a power supply for amateur radio?
A power supply for amateur radio is a device that provides the necessary power for operating radio equipment. It converts alternating current from the wall outlet into a constant power source that is suitable for use in radio stations.
Why is a power supply needed for amateur radio?
A power supply for amateur radio is necessary to ensure the operation of radio equipment. Without a power supply, there may be fluctuations in power voltage or even a power outage, which can affect the functionality and transmission quality.
What criteria should be considered when choosing a power supply for amateur radio?
When choosing a power supply for amateur radio, it is important to consider the output power, input voltage, and over-load and short-circuit protection. It is also important that the power supply can provide the necessary power for the radio equipment without overheating or overloading.