ACOM 1200S Transistor-PA (1200W, 160-6m)

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  • ACOM 1200S
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WIMO Expert opinion

Powerful transistor PA with a maximum transmission power of 1000W, without tuning effort Convenient operation thanks to automatic frequency setting and a clear color LC display that provides all important information Universal compatibility with simple coax cable and PTT line for connection to almost any transceiver Robust for use in the field with tolerant power supply unit against voltage fluctuations and handy weight
The power consumption can be quite high at maximum transmission power of up to 2000VA - think about the environment.
Christoph Breker Christoph Breker DL1CBS WiMo Marketing-Experte
Sufficient power and very simple operation - the ACOM-1200S offers everything you could ask for as a radio amateur.

The ACOM-1200S is a transistor amplifier for shortwave and the 6m band. The maximum power of 1000W PEP or CW is generated from state-of-the-art  LDMOS 1K80 transistors made by NXP. As it is typical for a solid-state PA, the 1200S does not require tuning! The input SWR is always better than 1.2:1, so the driving transceiver always has a perfect match. The output circuit can handle a mismatch of up to 2:1, and an SWR of up to 1.5:1 without reducing the power.

The operation of the ACOM-1200S is very simple, you just need a coaxial cable and a PTT keying line. This allows practically any ztransceiver to be used as a driver. The CAT interface of the PA can be used to inform the amp of the currently set frequency. But even without a CAT cable it works fully automatically, the 1200S measures the input frequency and adjusts everythnig by itself. A large colour LC display show all relevant operating parameters. A service memory stores up to 55 parameters in case of a fault. This allows very fast and efficient analysis of errors and technical problems.

To offer a safe operation even when the power grid is not perfect (for example at fielddays or expeditions) the ACOM-1200S uses a very elaborate switching power supply, which can also handle large variations of the input voltage. Further the inrush current is limited at start of the amp, a power factor compensation (PFC) is applied as required in many countries and much more. Due to the relatively low weight of just 14.5 kg the PA is also suitable for expeditions. The power input is an AC input ranging from 100 to 240 V AC, the maximum power intake is 2000VA when operating or 1 VA when stand-by.

The Acom-1200S can be used at 60m with 1000W without modification.
Technical Data
Product Name ACOM-1200S
Output Power W (W) 1000
Spurious Emmission (dB) > 60 dB (typ. 65dB)
Amplification (dB) typ. 13 dB ± 1dB
Temperature Range -10° - +40°C
Brand Acom
Weight 14.5 kg
Max. Power [W] 1200 W
Size W x H x D 418 x 372 x 162 mm
ACOM 1200S Transistor-PA (1200W, 160-6m)
ACOM 1200S Transistor-PA (1200W, 160-6m)

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