Acom 2100 PA (1500W, 160-6m)

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The ACOM-2100 is a power amplifier for a maximum power of 1500 W on shortwave and 6m. The amp is equipped with a powerful 4CX1000 tube. With the help of the ACOM tuning indicator (TRI) the tuning of the amp becomes very easy and is usually done within a few seconds. The output circuit of the amplifier can handle a misalignemnt of the SWR of up to 3:1, so no large and costly external hi-power tuner is required in most cases.

The construction of the ACOM-2100 is very robust with a maximum protection in mind. Several protection circuits are used to provide am unproblematic operation over many years. The amp withstands a reflected power of up to 400W. Short spikes in the driving power are handled as well short drops in supply voltage. This makes this amplifier very well suitable for expeditions and field days.

The colour OLED display offers an easy to read overview of the current power level and any errors which might occur. To facilitate error diagnosis the last 7 error states are memorized. Multiple LEDs show the current state of the amplifier, like 'Operate' attenuator setting or antenna selection. The amp has three antenna outputs which are selected by a push button from the front. Various protection mechanism ensure a safe operation, for example plate and grid voltages are checked as well as currents, reflected power and exhaust temperature. The input circuitry is designed as wide-band input, offering a constant 50 Ω match towards the transceiver.

For safety reasons for transport, the transformer is separated in one package and can be easily installed in the power amplifier using the instructions.
Technical Data
Product Name ACOM-2100
Amplification (dB) 13.5
Supported Bands 160m, 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m
Temperature Range 0-50 degs. Celsius
Brand Acom
Weight 29.3 kg
Max. Power [W] 1500 W
Size W x H x D 445 x 375 x 205
Acom 2100 PA (1500W, 160-6m)
Acom 2100 PA (1500W, 160-6m)

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