Acom 500S Transistor-PA (500W, 160-4m)

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Top Features

  • Remote controllable
  • Only 20 W input power required
  • Automatic band switching
  • High resolution display
  • Compact and lightweight

Supply Scope

  • Acom-500S
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The 500S is a superbly equipped transistor PA from Acom.

This power amplifier is characterized by robustness, ease of use and a weight of only 7.8kg.

This makes it also suitable for DX-peditions and portable use. The output power is max. 500 W on all bands (160 m to 4 m, 1.8 - 70.5 MHz)), the power is available in all operating modes and without restrictions. The transmit power is generated by a very high quality LDMOS transistor, which can survive even a mismatch.

If the power amplifier is connected to the CAT interface of your transceiver, the operating frequency is automatically monitored and, if necessary, the band is automatically changed. But even without a CAT cable, thanks to the built-in frequency counter, the device is able to determine the operating frequency and make a band change if necessary. An input power 20 watts is sufficient to achieve full output power. The input circuit is designed with a very wide bandwidth to provide the transceiver with an optimum SWR of 1:1.5 (typ. 1:2.1) on all bands.

Numerous safety measures ensure interference-free operation. 

The large, color LC display always shows all important data: Output power, reflected power, PA temperature, band and much more. Operation is done with the help of a clear menu system with the six buttons below the display. A CAT/AUX interface is used for optional communication with the transceiver. All common transceiver types and protocols are supported here. The amplifier can also be controlled via a serial interface (RS-232).

Acom installs a power supply for the 500S, which can be operated from 100V to 240V. The inrush current is automatically limited, the power supply offers a very good Power Factor Correction (PFC). Together with the automatic adjustment to the input voltage, reliable operation is thus possible even with generators, fluctuating supply voltages, etc.

The ACOM-500S does not have an integrated automatic tuner. Up to an SWR of approx. 2:1 the PA operates without restrictions, up to an SWR of 3:1 the PA reduces the power, above that it switches off with a fault signal.

Of course, the electromagnetic compatibility complies with CE requirements and FCC regulations. Perfect compatibility - both with highly sensitive equipment and with other devices in the shack (receivers, computers, other amplifiers) - is given thanks to the PFC used and the built-in high frequency filters.

Technical Data
Product Name ACOM-500S
Amplification (dB) 14
Supported Bands 160m, 80m, 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m, 4m
Remote Control capabilities Yes
Temperature Range -10°C - +40°C
Brand Acom
Weight 7.8 kg
Max. Power [W] 500 W
Size W x H x D 291 x 157 x 270 mm
Acom 500S Transistor-PA (500W, 160-4m)
Acom 500S Transistor-PA (500W, 160-4m)

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