Acom-700S (700W, 160-6m)

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  • Acom-700S
  • 1.85 meter power cable

The Acom 700S is a transistor PA from Acom.

This power amplifier is characterized by robustness, easy handling and a weight of 11.8kg.

This makes it also suitable for DX-peditions and portable use. The output power is max. 700W on all bands (160m to 6m), the power is available in all operating modes and without restrictions. The transmit power is generated with very high quality MRFE6VP61K25N LDMOS transistors, which can even survive a mismatch.

The PA is controlled by switching the PTT to ground. An input power of 40 Watts is sufficient to reach the full output power. The input circuit is very broadband to give the transceiver an optimal SWR of 1:1.2 (typ. 1:1.1) on all bands.

Band switching is done automatically by measuring the input frequency. Numerous safety measures ensure trouble-free operation. Should problems occur, 55 parameters of the last 28 faults are stored for a detailed diagnosis.

The large, colour LC display always shows all important data: output power, reflected power, PA temperature, band and much more. Operation is carried out with the aid of a clearly arranged menu system with the six keys below the display. A CAT/AUX interface is used for optional communication with the transceiver. All common transceiver types and protocols are supported. The output stage can also be controlled via a serial interface (RS-232).

Acom has installed a power supply unit in the 700S which can be operated from 100V to 240V. The inrush current is automatically limited, the power supply offers a very good power factor correction (PFC). Together with the automatic adaptation to the input voltage, this enables reliable operation even on generators, with fluctuating supply voltages etc.

The ACOM-700S has no automatic tuner integrated. Up to a SWR of approx. 2:1 the PA operates without any power limitations, up to a SWR of 3:1 the PA reduces the power, above that it switches off with a fault signal.

The Acom-700S can be operated with 700W at 60m without any modification.

Dimensions: 326 x 143 x 365 mm

Technical Data
Product Name ACOM-700S
Amplification (dB) 14
Supported Bands 160m, 80m, 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m
Remote Control capabilities Yes
Brand Acom
Weight 11.8 kg
Max. Power [W] 700 W
Acom-700S (700W, 160-6m)
Acom-700S (700W, 160-6m)

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