AH-705 Automatic Tuner for IC-705

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Supply Scope

  • 2m control cable (2x 3.5mm jack plugs)
  • 2m coax cable (2x BNC connectors)
  • Mounting bracket
  • EU version with PL socket (PL-259)
  • Brief instructions EN

The AH-705 matches the IC-705 exactly - in size, low power consumption and technical specifications. The tuner matches all coax-fed antennas, for example end-fed wires with balun, or even a dipole at the edge of resonance. Exactly what you need for portable operation.

The Autmatik tuner fits perfectly into the LC-192 backpack, which has a compartment at the top for the transceiver. So you always have everything at hand. The AH-705 is powered either by built-in alkaline batteries (2 x size 'AA' or 'LR6') or by an external 12V power supply. The power consumption is approx. 1 mA at rest and approx. 300 mA during tuning. As usual with automatic tuners, once found tuning steps are stored in an internal memory. This speeds up the re-tuning process considerably.

The scope of delivery includes a control cable (2x 3.5mm jack plugs) and a coaxial cable (2x BNC plugs), both cables are approx. 2m long. This allows you to mount the tuner close by, for example on a small mast. For mounting, a bracket is included in the delivery, which can be screwed onto the tuner. With this tuner and a strap or cable tie, the tuner can be mounted quickly. The European version comes with a PL plug (PL-259) .

A long piece of wire or a good and short earth connection is recommended as a counterweight. Antennas can be dipoles or end-fed wires, but also tuned verticals that should be operated slightly outside the resonance. Operation on the 160 m band requires an antenna with at least 30 m length, on bands from 80 m an antenna with at least 8 m length is suggested. The tuner can be used on the frequencies 1.8 to 54 MHz. A power of approx. 5 W is required for tuning, max. transmit power 10 W.

Technical Data
Product Name AH-705
Min. Tune Power (W) 5 W
Supply Voltage 3V / 12 V
Supply Voltage [V] 3 / 12 V
Number of Memories 45
Tuner type Automatic Tuning
Color Black
Brand Icom
Weight 450 g
Max. Power [W] 10 W
Frequency Range 1.8 - 54 MHz
Documentation Languages EN
Size W x H x D 190 x 105 40 mm
AH-705 Automatic Tuner for IC-705
AH-705 Automatic Tuner for IC-705

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