Aircell-5 Coaxial Cable

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  • Aircell-5 coaxial cable

Aircell-5 from the German manufacturer SSB Electronic: A coaxial cable only 5 mm thin with amazingly low attenuation and a wide frequency range up to 10 GHz. The inner conductor is made of low-oxygen copper, the shielding is double, an overlapping copper foil with copper braiding on top. The dielectric is a high-quality LLC-PE compound with lowest losses. A big advantage: Aircell-5 does not require special connectors! The cable can be assembled with commercially available RG-58 connectors, depending on the make, the inner conductor may have to be slightly tapered.

Attenuation on 144 MHz: 10.7dB/100m.

Impedance: 50 Ohm

Technical Data
Product Name Aircell-5 Coaxial Cable
Color Black
Cable type Aircell-5
Brand SSB Electronic
Attenuation 2320 MHz (dB/100m) 47.38
Attenuation 1296 MHz (dB) 33.92
Attenuation 432 MHz (dB) 18.99
Attenuation 144 MHz (dB) 10.76
Attenuation 5000 MHz (dB) 71.30
Attenuation 6000 MHz (dB) 78.85
Bend Radius (mm) 4x 5.0 = 20 mm
Velocity Factor 0.85
Max. Power @ 10 MHz 1885
Max. Power @ 144 MHz 587
Max. Power @ 1000 MHz 178
Max. Peak Power 1885
Min. Bend Radius (repeated) 8x 5.0 = 40 mm
Structure of the inner conductor Solid wire
Diameter center conductor 1.13 mm
Weight per Meter 36 g
Cable diameter [mm] 5
Impedance (Ω) 50 Ohm

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