50 Ohm
2.7 dB/144 MHz
<= 10 GHz

Coaxial cable Aircom Premium 15

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Top Features

  • 14mm diameter
  • Usable up to 10 GHz
  • 2.7dB/100m @ 144 MHz
  • High power handling

Supply Scope

  • Aircom Premium 15 coaxial cable according to selected length

Technical description

The Aircom Premium 15 coaxial cable offers extremely low attenuation combined with low weight. The solid inner conductor is made of aluminium and laminated with a copper foil to provide very good conductivity even at the highest frequencies. Due to the high formability of the aluminium core, the Aircom Premium 15 cable is flexible without forming interference points.

The dielectric is made of foamed polyethylene (PE). This material offers good strength and is also water-repellent, thus preventing moisture in the cable. And of course this dielectric is partly responsible for the extremely low attenuation of Aircom Premioum 15. The outer conductor is made of an overlapping aluminium foil and a very dense copper braid. This achieves a coverage of 70%, which contributes to an excellent shielding effectiveness. The cable has an impedance of 50 Ohm. The outer sheath is UV resistant. The common standard connectors are available for Aircom Premium 15.

Application description

Due to its low attenuation and low weight, the coaxial cable Aircom Premium 15 is excellently suited for radio installations up to 10 GHz. Whether it is used in mobile radio, satellite transmission or in demanding amateur radio, the cable offers excellent values for very high frequencies. The low weight also makes this cable suitable for installations on a mast or rotating equipment. The water-resistant dielectric and the UV-stabilised jacket ensure good durability and low maintenance over a long period of use.

Technical Data
Product Name Coaxial cable Aircom Premium 15
Color Black
Cable type Aircom Premium 15
Brand SSB Electronic
Attenuation 2320 MHz (dB/100m) 14.7
Attenuation 1296 MHz (dB) 10
Attenuation 432 MHz (dB) 5.2
Attenuation 144 MHz (dB) 2.7
Attenuation 30 MHz (dB) 1.05
Attenuation 5000 MHz (dB) 23.5
Attenuation 6000 MHz (dB) 26.5
Bend Radius (mm) 70 mm
Velocity Factor 0,85
Max. Power @ 10 MHz 8700
Max. Power @ 144 MHz 2400
Max. Power @ 1000 MHz 740
Max. Peak Power 8000
Min. Bend Radius (repeated) 140 mm
Structure of the inner conductor Solid wire
Diameter center conductor 4.4 mm
Weight per Meter 166 g
Cable diameter [mm] 14
Impedance (Ω) 50 Ohm
Coaxial cable Aircom Premium 15
Coaxial cable Aircom Premium 15

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As low as: €12.35
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