21 November - 4 Dezember 2022

Airspy products are characterised by excellent reception performance, which is certainly due to the joint development of hardware and software. This makes Airspy one of the leading suppliers of SDR receivers together with perfectly matching software. From the classic SDR with RTL tuner to the up-converter for shortwave and the very powerful Airspy HF+ Discovery, the manufacturer around the ingenious developer Youssef Touil offers everything the demanding shortwave listener (SWL) or radio amateur needs.

Airspy HF+ Discovery

The Airspy HF+ Discovery is an SDR for the reception of long, medium and short wave up to the lower VHF range (0-31 and 60-260 MHz). The 'Discovery' works as a Zero-IF SDR with special mixers, which in combination with the perfectly adapted software SDR# (but also many other programs) provides the best possible reception results.

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Airspy R2

The Airspy R2 is the classic SDR receiver for the highly interesting VHF range from 25 to 1800 MHz. Here, the construction is pushed to its limits with the widely used R820T2 tuner, thus offering a truly remarkable reception experience. The maximum displayable spectrum width of max. 10 MHz allows the analysis and decoding of wide and complex signals.

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Airspy Mini

The Airspy Mini SDR receiver offers similar data as the Airspy-R2: reception from 25 to 1800 MHz, 12 bit ADC, 10 MHz max. signal width. In contrast to the R2, however, the possibility to feed in an external reference clock or to control external devices via GPIO ports is missing. This makes the receiver even more compact and therefore more suitable for travelling.

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Airspy Upconverter

As beautiful as the Airspy R2 is - sometimes you want to be able to view the frequency range from long wave to short wave with a receiver of equal quality. This is made possible by the Spyverter, a converter based on the up-mixing method. This converter mixes the frequency range from 0 to 60 MHz up to 120-180 MHz. So the powerful Airspy-R2 or another receiver can be used. The power supply is either via the coax socket or an external Micro-USB socket. This ensures a compact design and comfortable use even on the road.

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Airspy Combo

And now all together: To simplify things, WiMo offers the combination of the Airspy-R2 receiver and the "Spyverter" converter as one package. So you have everything you need for reception from 0 to 1800 MHz in one package. Together with the free software SDR# ('SDR Sharp') nothing stands in the way of unlimited reception.

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