Airspy Mini SDR Rx

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  • Airspy Mini USB dongle in metal housing

Airspy Mini
If you do not need the advanced functions (external clock, GPIO ports, etc.) of the Airspy R2, you can use the cheaper and smaller Airspy Mini. This is very important for portable applications, for example. The Airspy Mini is designed as a classic USB stick, but contains the same components as its big brother: R820T2, LPS4370 ARM CPU, 12 ADC, low phase noise TCXO. Thus, approximately the same good reception characteristics are achieved.

SDR# (SDR Sharp) software
The SDR# software comes from the same company as the Airspy receiver. The joint development ensures perfect interaction between the two components. It is not without reason that SDR# has become one of the most popular programmes for various SDRs. The programme is easy to use, but its plug-in architecture offers excellent expandability. Thus, in addition to the basic functions of the programme itself, extensions are available for memory management, for scanner operation or various decoders. Of course, you can also operate external decoders with SDR#. SDR# is free of charge and can be downloaded from the Airspy manufacturer's website. There you will also find links to support, e.g. the #airspy channel in IRC.

Besides SDR#, there is a variety of other software that can be used with the Airspy SDR. Please note that some of this additional software is subject to a fee. Some programmes are also available as open source. WiMo cannot guarantee the functionality of these programmes.

All AIRSPY models are well suited for receiving signals from ADS-B transponders installed in aircraft.
In combination with a PC or notebook and free software, e.g. ADSBscope, the decoded data can be clearly displayed on a radar display or in a list view.
All transmitted data such as identification, type, altitude, position, speed, etc. are displayed.

An antenna suitable for 1090 MHz is also required. When operating outdoors, a small clip-on antenna such as the SRH-789 from DIAMOND (see above) can already achieve a range of approx. 50km. Here in Herxheim, on our doorstep, 20 to 50 aircraft can be received, depending on the current traffic volume. For stationary operation, an outdoor antenna is ideally used. Robust mast-mounted antennas such as the GP-1090, complete with cable set and preamplifier, are available for this purpose.

Technical Data
Product Name AIRSPY Mini
Brand Airspy
Weight 21 g

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