AlexLoop RC-2 remote tuning

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Top Features

  • Allows very precise tuning
  • Suitable for AlexLoop Hampack
  • Remote controller with 5.8m cable
  • Incl. carrying bags
  • Easy installation

Supply Scope

  • Motor unit
  • Controller
  • Connecting cable 5.8 m
  • 5.8 m RG-58 coaxial cable with BNC male/female connector
  • Mounting material
  • Tool
  • Storage case for RC-2
  • Storage case for cable

Effective and comfortable tuning: AlexLoop RC-2

For successful operation of a loop antenna, very precise tuning to the desired operating frequency is always essential due to its narrowband nature. Especially with a portable setup, however, it can sometimes be challenging and time-consuming to fully meet this requirement.

The AlexLoop Controller RC-2 is the result of several years of development work and takes over the function of a "steady hand" for the tuning process for you. 

With this upgrade, the existing tuning knob on the tuner of your AlexLoop Hampack Loop is simply replaced with a small motor unit, which in turn is connected to a controller, in just a few simple steps. In addition to a large tuning knob, this handy controller has another knob that allows you to select high and low tuning speeds as needed. Thus, both the band can be changed quickly and extremely precise fine tuning can be performed.

Especially practical: Thanks to the 5.80 m long connection cable between motor unit and controller and an additional RG-58 coaxial cable of the same length, you no longer have to go to the antenna for every tuning operation! You can operate the tuner of your loop comfortably from the table and thus effectively have more time to concentrate on the actual radio operation.

For transport to your next adventure, a small, padded bag serves. It offers ideal protection for all components and is visually adapted to the design of your AlexLoop Hampack backpack. Another bag contains the connection cable and the coax extension, equipped with BNC socket and plug. Of course, all necessary assembly material and tools are included, so that you can quickly modify your AlexLoop Hampack and put it into operation.

A standard 9 volt block battery is required for the power supply (not included).

Installation and operation of the RC-2 tuning system
Technical Data
Product Name RC-2
Brand AlexLoop

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