Enjoy modern technology in nature, whether hiking in the mountains, sailing on the water or on lonely islands. That's what Icom's new portable hero, the IC-705, offers - the special feeling of experiencing the world on the radio while looking out to the horizon. The same horizon that amateur radio can easily overcome to stay in contact with your friends abroad.


With the 'always with you‘ QRP transceiver IC-705 the question is no longer "if" you take a radio with you. With the low weight of about 1100 grams including battery there is no excuse not to go on air anywhere. The impressive runtime of the battery even allows you to take it along to a SOTA mountain hike. After reaching the summit, the modern SDR technology almost surpasses the good feeling of looking into the distance. Because the IC-705 is full of the latest technology that makes this unique experience possible. Maybe the summit luck will be crowned by a rare contact, or a SOTA hunter will get the next points for the coveted diploma!

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You enjoy your holiday with your feet in the cool sand and overlook the vastness of the sea? On your table, beside a cool drink and the sun cream, the IC-705 is 'always with you'. Thanks to the latest receiver technology and excellent filter options, you can now log the catch of the day even when on holidays. The IC-705 uses Icom's experience in SDR technology to achieve the best results in a very compact size. After all, the big brother IC-7300 has been passing every challenge with flying colors since 2016. To bring this heritage into a very handy format and to open the door to the world of portable activities for many radio amateurs is Icom's merit. And the IC-705 also does a great job on a sailboat - whether you want to receive Navtex* or the German Weather Service*.


Even in the top case of your motorcycle there is still room for an excellent transceiver that can withstand rough environments. And when you have reached the campground in the mountains, nothing will prevent you from making some nice QSOs on the bands. Or simply use the broadband receiver to listen to music or the latest news, even far away from any infrastructure - shortwave makes it possible. The built-in GPS - actually designed to use the digital D-Star system - shows the exact position even in rough terrain and when only the stars light the way.


The low power consumption lets you thorugh the night easily, an with flexible poswer supply options, nothing stands in the way of your next day's adevnture. The IC-705 makes a trip into the woods an adventure, for old hands as well as new heroes. Always there, always with a feeling for nature, always in harmony with the hobby. Just take it with you, have everything in your backpack. Amateur radio could hardly be more beautiful. The IC-705 - Always with you.


Of course we have a large support department with experienced radio amateurs, ready to help you in case of a question about your new radio. Our product expert Ekki Plicht (DF4OR) presents the IC-705 QRP transceiver in a video in all it's details (video with german narration).


Because we understand you and share your sense of adventure in amateur radio. Because we have just as much fun climbing towers and using portable radio as we have fun listening to the world turn while sitting on the beach. Because the hobby connects us. And because we have a large stock with high availability and fast shipping. After all, you want to have your new IC-705 as soon as possible, don't you?

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