SPID Coaxial remote switch 2000W, 30 MHz, 8:1 PL

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Supply Scope

  • Switch ANT8
  • Control unit PANT8
  • Mouse for remote control
  • Connector SubD 15
  • USB cable

8 to 1 antenna switch for outdoor installation. The switch can handle 2000W up to 30MHz. Unused antenna inputs are grounded.

The weatherproof outdoor unit is in a stainless steel housing. For the connection between the controller and the outdoor unit a 9-pin cable is required. When using a wire gauge of at least 0,5mm² the cable can be up to 50m long, with larger diameters even longer.

The controller can be connected directly to the 13.8V station power supply. The manual switching is done by a rotational switch on the controller. The currently selected position is shown with a LED. The control cable is connected to the cointroller on the 15 pin SubD socket on the rear.

This remote switch can be operated fully automatically.
For this purpose, the controller has two ports on the back panel. One is a 25-pin printer port for direct connection and control via the PC (automatically by the provided and included software "SPIDLog") and the other is a USB interface. This interface is not only for a PC, the switch can also be controlled directly by a transceiver. In this case, the switch can automatically select depending on the preset band the antenna port.
In addition to automatic and manual switching, the selection of connection can also be done by an mouse (included). For this, a separate port is provided at the rear of the controller.
Technical Data
Product Name ANT8
Number of Ports 8:1
Brand Spid
Weight 1.18 kg
Remote Control capabilities Yes
Weatherproof Yes
Connector A PL Socket
Connector PL

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