Bandpass Filter 50-51 MHz 4000W

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Top Features

  • Very low insertion loss
  • Very good blocking depth on KW and UKW
  • For high power levels up to 4000 W

Supply Scope

  • Bandpass filter 50-51 MHz

Technical description BPF-6m-4k

The bandpass filter for 50-51 MHz is designed for a maximum power of up to 4000 W. To avoid a change of the filter curve when heating up, the filter is actively cooled by a fan. Very low insertion loss of better than 0.08 dB in the passband, attenuation on KW from 98 (1.8 MHz) to 28 dB (28MHz), attenuation in the broadcast band 88-108 MHz from 38 to 44 dB, attenuation on VHF (2m) approx. 41 dB, attenuation on UHF (70cm) approx. 48 dB. With 2 x 7/16" sockets for high power.

Application description BPF-6m-4k

The 4kW bandpass filter 50-51 MHz is intended for use with large power amplifiers and for situations where strong transmitters are to be tolerated in the vicinity. This can be radio stations, but also the signals of a multi/multi contest station.
The bandpass filter blocks signals on shortwave as well as on VHF, thus reducing both interference from neighbouring stations and effectively suppressing harmonics from your own station. The very low insertion loss allows operation in front of sensitive receivers with preamplifiers.

Technical Data
Product Name BPF-6m-4k
Brand Antennas Amplifiers
Impedance (Ω) 50 OHm
Supported Bands 6m
Insertion Loss (dB) < 0.08 dB
Band 6m
Frequency Range 50 - 51 MHz
Connector A 7/16" Socket
Connector B 7/16" Socket
Documentation Languages EN
Weight [kg] 1.00 kgs

The manufacturer Antenna Amplifiers (YU1CF) is known for uncompromising high-performance technology, such as VHF yagis and bandpass filters.

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