Antennas Amplifiers 13cm Yagis, 17 or 31 elements

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Top Features

  • weatherproof in radome
  • 2 versions

Supply Scope

  • PA2300 Yagi
  • Mast clamp
  • manual

Technical description

The 13 cm Yagi antennas from Antennas Amplifiers are tuned to a center frequency of 2304 MHz. For connection there is a N-connector at the back of the housing. Here is also the mounting on the mast (pre-mast mounting). Due to the integration into a radome, they are also optimally protected against external influences.

Application description

There are 2 different variants available, they differ among other things in their length, number of elements, load capacity, frequency range and gain value.


The shorter of the two Yagis is only 77 cm long. It has 17 elements and can be loaded with a maximum of 100 watts. Frequency range: 2300 - 2320 MHz.


Here 31 elements were placed on a length of just under 150 cm. It can be loaded with up to 250 watts and operates in the frequency range of 2300 - 2340 MHz.

Technical Data
Product Name Antennas Amplifiers 13cm Yagis, 17 or 31 elements
Antenna mount Rear
Antenna Type Directional Antenna
Design of antenna Yagi
Antenna Guying No
Band 13cm
Brand Antennas Amplifiers
Polarisation Vertical
Balun Included Yes
Strut no
Max. Mast Diameter [mm] 50
Max. Windspeed (km/h) 120
Number of connectors 1
Antennas Amplifiers from Serbia develops and manufactures antennas with very high quality standards. Practical aspects such as the easy assembly or the manageable pack size are not disregarded.

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