YU1CF Power Divider/Combiner 6m, 1/4 Lambda

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Top Features

  • Combine multiple antennas
  • Weatherproof
  • 1/4 lambda
  • N, SO239 or 7/16" input jack

Supply Scope

  • Power Splitter/Combiner
YU1CF Power splitter (also called matching pot) for interconnectionof multiple antennas.

The interconnection (stacking) of several directional antennas of the same type serves to increase the directivity and thus an increase in the gain.

Important criteria for the selection of a divider/combiner are:
  • Number of connectors for antennas: 2, 3 or 4 connectors
  • Type of antenna sockets (input): N, SO239 or 7/16"
  • Type of antenna sockets (output): See "Technical data, "Connector B"
  • Max. allowed power: 1.5 kW
  • Very good matching over the frequency range

YU1CF splitters are designed for the 6m band (50 - 52 MHz) and have a matching of 1.12:1 or better over the entire range. In Lambda/4 design, all 4 antenna connectors are located on one side of the splitter, with the common connector at the other end. Maximum power approx. 1500 W.
Technical Data
Product Name YU1CF Power Divider/Combiner 6m, 1/4 Lambda
Brand Antennas Amplifiers
Supported Bands 6m
Length [λ] 1/4 λ

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