Antennas Amplifiers PA70 Monoband Yagis for 4m

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Top Features

  • Computer optimized construction
  • Very robust and durable
  • 7 variants, versatile possibilities
  • Balun included

Supply Scope

  • PA70 4m Monoband Yagi
  • mast mount
  • Balun
  • Guying material (PA70-7-6BG and PA70-8-7BGP only)

Technical description

Antennas Amplifiers PA70 4-meter Yagis are suitable for both portable and daily use. Extremely rugged construction for any wind site. Low noise design and wideband operation

Mast mounts, balun and "N" plugs included - No hidden 'extras'.

All 4-meter antennas are designed using professional 3D EM modeling software (not available with EZNEC Pro/4 - NEC v5.0, 4NEC2, EZNEC) which allows the influence of the boom, insulators, feed, balun and plug to be accurately predicted. The result is perfect antennas in every respect.  Not only electrically, but also mechanically.

The gain specifications refer to a setup height of, for example, 10 m above ground.

Application description

The Antennas Amplifiers Yagis are available in different versions. From the compact Yagi for everyday use with limited space up to the 8-element full-size antenna with almost 7 m boom length. 

  • PA70-2-0.8A:
    This very compact 2-element Yagi with a boom length of only 80 cm can be easily integrated into existing antenna systems. The mast mount is designed for masts up to 50 mm diameter.

  • PA70-3-1A:  
    The with 100 cm length also very short version has 3 elements and can be mounted on masts up to 50 mm diameter.

  • PA70-4-1.5B:
    The 146 cm long version with 4 elements is only slightly larger. Here, too, a mast mount for masts with a diameter of 50 mm is included.

  • PA70-5-3B:
    With a length of just under 3 meters, this 5-element Yagi does not yet require any bracing. The included mast clamp is designed for masts with a maximum diameter of 50 mm.

  • PA70-6-4B:
    This 6-element Yagi with a boom length of 423 cm also does not yet require any bracing of the boom. The mast clamp for masts up to 70 mm in diameter is included.

  • PA70-7-6BG:
    The second largest version with 7 elements is guyed due to its boom length of 585 cm. The guying material is of course included.

  • PA70-8-7BGP:
    The "big" version with 8 elements and braced boom is with a rather stately length of 687 cm only in some cases suitable for terraced houses. Here, too, the bracket for poles with a maximum diameter of 70 mm is included.
Technical Data
Product Name Antennas Amplifiers PA70 Monoband Yagis for 4m
Antenna mount Center Mount
Antenna Type Directional Antenna
Design of antenna Yagi
Band 4m
Brand Antennas Amplifiers
Frequency Range 70.0-70.5 MHz
Max. Power [W] 700 W
Polarisation Horizontal
Balun Included Yes
Strut no

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