Antennas Amplifiers 432 MHz crossyagis

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Top Features

  • Very low noise
  • Ideal for DX and EME
  • No guying required
  • 2 separate feed points

Supply Scope

  • Very low noise
  • Ideal for DX and EME
  • No guying required
  • 2 separate connectors

Technical description

The high quality processed 70 cm monoband Kreuzyagi antennas from Antennas Amplifiers have 2 separate feed lines and are already correctly tuned ex works.

The PA432-CROSS-42-5.3AP has 2 x 21 elements on a dismountable, 5.40 m long boom. The transport length is only 1.20 m, which facilitates the transport to the next field day. 

The extremely low-noise design allows even very weak EME signals to be received.

The SWR in the operating range 432 - 434 MHz is less than 1.2. The power handling of 850 Watt is understood per feed line. Guying is not required.

The smaller model PA432-CROSS-24-3RB is designed for rear mounting and offers space for 2 x 12 elements on the 3 m boom. A power of 500 watts can be used per feed line. The guying material for the boom is included in the delivery.

Application description

Cross Yagis are mainly used for EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) connections, or for satellite connections. So both modes crossing the ionosphere, because here often unpredictable polarization rotations take place. To compensate for these and thus suffer less loss, circular polarization is used.

Of course, a cross Yagi can also be used as a dual system with a vertical and a horizontal yagi, for example to make wide area transmissions both via FM relay (vertical) and via SSB direct links (horizontal).

Technical Data
Product Name Antennas Amplifiers 432 MHz crossyagis
Antenna Type Directional Antenna
Design of antenna Crossed Yagi
Band 70cm
Brand Antennas Amplifiers
Frequency Range 432-434 MHz
Max. Power [W] 850 W
Polarisation Dual Pol., linear 0/90°
Balun Included Yes
Strut no
Max. Windspeed (km/h) 150
Number of connectors 2

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