Antennas Amplifiers 1:1 Balun 5 kW

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Top Features

  • Load capacity up to 5 kW
  • DIN 7/16 or SO239 connection
  • Dustproof and waterproof (IP67)

Supply Scope

  • Balun

The new baluns from Antennas Amplifiers are characterized by robustness and high performance. The 1:1 balun is loadable with 5kW.

Due to the careful mechanical design an exact balancing is achieved. This reduces cladding waves and thus, among other things, HF in the shack. The coax connector is either SO-239 or 7/16 DIN female, the connection to the dipole or chicken wire consists of two large insulated screw terminals. Inside the balun, high quality SF250 Teflon cable is used for the winding.

This balun is designed for use on mono or multi-band antennas alike. The balun housing is dustproof and waterproof to the greatest possible extent (IP67 protection class).

The balun can be used in the frequency range of 3.5 - 54 MHz, the optimum working range is 5 - 30 MHz.

Technical Data
Product Name Antennas Amplifiers 1:1 Balun 5 kW
Impedance (Ω) 50
Max. Power [W] 5000 W
Transformation Ratio 1:1
Frequency Range 3.5 - 54 MHz
Size W x H x D 101 x 80 x 101 mm
Brand Antennas Amplifiers
Type of balun Current Balun (Choke)
Weight 460 g
Antennas Amplifiers from Serbia develops and manufactures antennas with very high quality standards. Practical aspects such as the easy assembly or the manageable pack size are not disregarded.

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