ADS-B Receive PreAmp, Mast mount

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Supply Scope

  • Receive preamplifier 1090 MHz with bandpass filter
  • Weatherproof housing
  • Mounting material for mast mounting

With the "ADS-B 1090 MHz", Antennas Amplifiers combines a highly effective preamplifier and a bandpass filter with very low insertion loss (only 0.06 dB) in a single, RF-tight sheet metal housing. 

This constellation realizes a boost of the wanted signal on the working frequency with simultaneous noise blanking.

Such a device is a "must-have" for optimal reception, especially of weaker signals, especially in areas with high RF interference. A preamplifier compensates for cable losses on the one hand, and of course increases sensitivity on the other. 

For input and output there is one N-socket each. 

The required supply voltage of 12 volts can be provided both externally and by means of a suitable remote power crossover via the coaxial cable.

Thanks to the weatherproof housing, the device can be mounted directly on the antenna mast, which guarantees a better signal quality than when used near the receiver.


  • 1090 MHz: +14 dB


  • < 50 MHz: -60 dB
  • 145 MHz: -55 dB
  • 432 MHz: -30 dB
  • 720 MHz: -10 dB
  • 2100 MHz: -34 dB
  • 2450 MHz: -30 dB

Weight approx. 400 g

Technical Data
Product Name 18460.6734
Supported Bands ADS-B (1090 MHz)
Current Intake (A) 0.12
Supply Voltage [V] 12 V
Brand Antennas Amplifiers
Insertion Loss (dB) 0.06
Connector A N Socket
Connector B N Socket
Size W x H x D 180 x 105 x 60 mm
Antennas Amplifiers from Serbia develops and manufactures antennas and accessories with very high quality standards. Practical aspects such as easy assembly or manageable packing size are not neglected.
ADS-B Receive PreAmp, Mast mount
ADS-B Receive PreAmp, Mast mount

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incl. VAT, plus shipping €217.65

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