Airband Antennas

Aeronautical mobile radio takes place both on short wave and on VHF and UHF. For short wave we can use our existing product range, for example the tunable Ultrabeam antennas. For the VHF range, we have various antennas in our product range, which are intended for stationary aeronautical radio ground stations, as well as small antennas for handheld radiotelephones or portable aeronautical radio receivers.

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  1. Dual Airband Receiving Antenna D-777
    Dual Airband Receiving Antenna D-777

    Receiving antenna for civil and military airband (120 / 300 MHz).

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Which antenna do I need for aeronautical radio?
For aeronautical radio you need an antenna that is designed for a frequency of 118 to 137 MHz. A dipole antenna or a ground plane antenna are suitable for this purpose.
Can I use a CB antenna for aeronautical radio?
No, a CB antenna is not suitable for aeronautical radio. The frequencies here are 26.965 to 27.405 MHz and are therefore too low for aeronautical radio.
How high should the antenna be mounted?
The antenna should be mounted as high as possible to achieve the best possible range. A height of at least 5 to 10 metres above the ground is recommended.