Commercial PMR Antennas

Company radio (professional mobile radio aka private mobile radio) is the commercially used radio of companies and other groups. Typical examples are taxi radio, radio equipment of handicraft enterprises, farmers or sports clubs, but also of authorities. The frequencies used in Germany are in the VHF/UHF range at 8m, 2m and 70cm wavelength. In each country, a separate authority is responsible for issuing licences for company radio; in Germany this is the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur), in Switzerland it is Bakom.

WiMo offers PMR radio antennas for mobile use on vehicles and for stationary installation on buildings. Usually only omni-directional antennas are available, as directional antennas are not used with this type of radio service.


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  1. Diamond MC-103B Monoband Antenna 150-172 MHz
    Diamond MC-103B Monoband Antenna 150-172 MHz

    Diamond MC-103B VHF vehicle antenna 150-172 MHz, 200W, PL connector

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Which frequency ranges are supported by operational PMR antennas?
Our operational PMR antennas support the frequency ranges 400-470 MHz and 136-174 MHz.
What range can I expect from the operational PMR antennas?
The range depends on various factors such as the environment and the power of the radios. However, you can usually expect a range of 1 to 5 km.
Are the operational PMR antennas waterproof?
Yes, our operational PMR antennas are waterproof and can be used in rain or wet conditions.