GSM/LTE Mobile Phone Antennas

The radio technology of mobile phones has its own challenges. No matter whether you use LTE (4G), UMTS (3G) or the classic GSM - a better antenna helps to achieve a more stable and faster connection. Due to the relatively high frequencies used in LTE, UMTS and GSM, walls and coated glass windows have a very high attenuation. As a result, reception in buildings is often very poor and not stable. Especially when using an LTE or GSM router, an external mobile phone antenna helps a lot.

WiMo offers a wide range of antennas for LTE, and UMTS, but also for other telephone systems such as DECT and the well-known GSM system. Whether GSM-900 on 900 MHz or GSM-1800 on 1800 MHz we have the right antenna and also the right cable for it. Just ask us.

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  1. Smarteq Base 128, round
    Smarteq Base 128, round

    Antenna base for vehicles, with or without cable

    In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days

    As low as: €16.50
    incl. VAT, plus shipping €13.87
  2. XPOL-2-5G V3 MIMO directional antenna
    XPOL-2-5G V3 MIMO directional antenna

    Multiband directional antenna for GSM, UMTS, LTE 800/1800/2600, 5G

    In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days

    As low as: €149.00
    incl. VAT, plus shipping €125.21

Items 1-10 of 93



What are GSM/LTE mobile phone antennas?
GSM/LTE mobile phone antennas are antennas specifically designed for use in mobile phones and smartphones. They enable wireless communication over the GSM or LTE network by amplifying the signals sent and received by the device.
How do GSM/LTE mobile phone antennas work?
GSM/LTE mobile phone antennas use the principle of electromagnetic radiation to send and receive signals. When a mobile phone sends a message, the signal is amplified and broadcast by the antenna. When the signal is received, the antenna catches it and forwards it to the phone. The quality of the connection depends on the strength and orientation of the antenna.
How can I improve the performance of my GSM/LTE mobile phone antenna?
There are several ways to improve the performance of your GSM/LTE mobile phone antenna. One way is to use an external antenna that provides higher gain and range than your phone's internal antenna. Another option is to use the phone near a window or outdoors to get a better connection. You can also try changing the location of your phone or downloading an app that helps you optimise the signal strength.