Antennas for 2G/3G, DECT

The classic mobile communications standards such as GSM at 900 and 1800 MHz and UMTS (3G) at 2100 MHz are still widely used. Moreover, even though many providers are expanding to 4G and 5G, GSM will continue to exist for many years to come because there are a very large number of automated systems that transmit their data via GSM. To make this data transmission via GSM reliable, an external antenna is often indispensable. Even if the external antenna requires several meters of cable, the gain from the position of the GSM antenna is usually much greater than the cable losses. It is therefore worth equipping GSM modems with external antennas.

The same applies to the DECT standard on 1900 MHz - commercial telephone systems offer connections for external antennas, which can considerably improve the range and reception of DECT signals indoors and outdoors, despite long cables. WiMo offers a wide range of omnidirectional and directional antennas for DECT, as well as the right cables with the proper.


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  1. Smarteq Base 128, round
    Smarteq Base 128, round

    Antenna base for vehicles, with or without cable

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  2. XPOL-2-5G V3 MIMO directional antenna
    XPOL-2-5G V3 MIMO directional antenna

    Multiband directional antenna for GSM, UMTS, LTE 800/1800/2600, 5G

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  3. Omni-dir. antenna Triband GSM/UMTS, Mast/Wall mount
    Omni-dir. antenna Triband GSM/UMTS, Mast/Wall mount

    Three-band outdoor antenna for UMTS, D-, E-network & LTE high-band

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What are GSM/UMTS/DECT antennas?
GSM/UMTS/DECT antennas are antennas specifically designed to transmit signals on the mobile phone and DECT network. They are usually attached to mobile phones, routers and other wireless devices and are used to transmit and receive a strong and reliable signal.
What types of GSM/UMTS/DECT antennas are there?
There are different types of GSM/UMTS/DECT antennas, including internal antennas that are built into the device and external antennas that can be connected to the device. There are also directional antennas that can direct the signal in a specific direction and omni antennas that can transmit and receive in all directions.
How can I improve the performance of my GSM/UMTS/DECT antenna?
You can improve the performance of your GSM/UMTS/DECT antenna by making sure it is positioned and pointed correctly. External antennas can often be mounted in a higher position to achieve better signal strength. You can also use an amplifier or repeater unit to boost the signal and achieve a greater range.