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Multiband Yagi

XR multiband Yagis

The XR range of Multiband Yagis have a number of associated benefits over typical Yagis of this type. Firstly they are extremely compact with very short booms ranging form 3.1 to 3.6m long. Additionally, compromise losses associated with multi-band Yagi are greatly reduced due to the design. For example, an XR6 covered 20m-6m. the first three bands use a common reflector/driven arrangement while 12/10/6 use a driven director arrangement and therefore, no more then 3 bands are interlaced at any one part of the boom. This increases efficiency and is one reason the XR’s gain per metre of boom is best in class.

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Bolpa Log

BOLPA Log Periodic Arrays

The BOLPA – Band Optimised Log Periodic Array is the first of its kind in terms of log periodic design. BOLPAs are not calculator based 200Ω LP designs. They are fully computer optimised to provide maximum performance within ham bands and require no impedance transformation as they deploy a direct 50Ω feed. As a result performance is excellent with class-leading gain and F/B with super flat SWR throughout. The BOLPA-10 covers 14MHz to 30MHz on a boom less than 8m long and the new compact versions cover 21-30, 24-30 and 26-30MHz with 4, 3, and 2 elements respectively.

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The OP-DES (Opposing Phase Driven Element System) Yagi was designed with a number of factors in mind. Side lobe suppression, maximum performance and most important of all, super-wide bandwidth. the OP-DES uses bet back sections of the driven element to shape feed point impedance and thus no noisy matching devices is needed, the OP-DES is direct 50Ω at the feed point. This self-matching driven element allows for all other elements to be used for maximising performance and directivity rather than partially being used to impedance match. In addition, current distribution through the bent end sections are 180 degrees out of phase form one another and this attribute helps keep side lobes at bay. The biggest by-product? Impressively wide bandwidth on all bands.

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  1. InnovAntennas Dualband 10m/6m Yagi Antennas
    InnovAntennas Dualband 10m/6m Yagi Antennas

    Compact dual-band Yagis for 6m and 10m, only one antenna cable, max. 3000 Watt.

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  2. InnovAntennas LogPer shortwave antennas
    InnovAntennas LogPer shortwave antennas

    Various Log-Per antennas for shortwave up to 6m from InnovAntennas. Wide bandwidth, only one feed line. 2-El. 26-30 MHz 3-El. 24-30 MHz 4-El. 21-30 MHz 10-El. 14-30 MHz 13-El. 10-54 MHz

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  3. InnovAntennas Moxon Beams
    InnovAntennas Moxon Beams

    2-Element Moxon Monoband-Antenne für Kurzwelle, guter Gewinn mit ausgezeichnetem Vor-/Rück-Verhältnis, gutes SWR über eine große Bandbreite.

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  4. Innov Antennas Delta-C240: 2 Element Yagi for 40m
    Innov Antennas Delta-C240: 2 Element Yagi for 40m

    Compact 2-element beam for 40m, only 7m long, 11.5m wide. Usable bandwidth at SWR 2:1 approx. 120 kHz.

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  5. InnovAntennas OP-DES Shortwave Yagi (Monoband)
    InnovAntennas OP-DES Shortwave Yagi (Monoband)

    OP-DES: Uncompromising monoband beam with high gain over a wide frequency range, clean directional pattern.

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  6. InnovAntennas  XR-Yagi Series
    InnovAntennas XR-Yagi Series

    Yagi family from 6 to 14 elements, classic 3-band beam to 7 bands from 20 to 4m. Boom length only 3.6m, only one connection.

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9 Items