Mini-Beams HF Antennas

Mini-Beams for shortwave were designed to meet the needs of many radio amateurs with limited space. Thus, these antennas are suitable for installation on terraced houses or other multi-family buildings, but due to their low weight they are also suitable for use on vacation or on a small expedition.

The most important advantage of a Mini Beam is its small size. Of course, a compromise has to be made with regard to the electrical properties. A directional antenna can be optimized to three objectives - maximum gain, best front/back ratio or wide bandwidth. Achieving all three goals at the same time is usually impossible, especially if you want to design a small antenna.

A mini-beam is therefore usually optimized for good front/back ratio, because suppression of interference or QRM often yields better results than a slightly better signal due to better gain. WiMo offers Mini-Beams for shortwave from our own production, also under the brand EAntenna. Additionally we also supply mini-beams from Mosley and other manufacturers.

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  1. ZX-Yagi Mini-2000 3 Band/3 Elem. 10-15-20 m
    ZX-Yagi Mini-2000 3 Band/3 Elem. 10-15-20 m

    Mini-2000 3-element mini-beam for 10/15/20m, only 2.6m turning radius.

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  2. EAntenna DY-MINI Multiband Minibeams for Shortwave
    EAntenna DY-MINI Multiband Minibeams for Shortwave

    Quite compact multiband CW directional antenna with end capacities, 6 to 9 elements, 3 kW

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6 Items