Mosley MINI-32A 3 Band Minibeam, 2 El.

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In addition to the large Yagi antennas, Mosley also smaller versions of the short waves Yagi antennas. Due to the small turning radius of only 3m, these antennas are installed on almost every rooftop. Despite the smaller size of the antennas can compete with the big versions.

Technical Data:

Technical Data
Max. Power Handling 1000W
GainDBD 14 3.3
GainDBD 21 4.5
GainDBD 28 5.1
Boom length [cm] 183 cm
Front Back Ratio 21 MHz (dB) 17
Front Back Ratio 28 MHz (dB) 17
Rotation Radius (m) 3.14
Front Back Ratio 14 MHz (dB) 17
Supported Bands 10m, 15m, 20m