Welcome to the world of MOSLEY!

Welcome to the world of MOSLEY!

Since more than 50 years MOSLEY manufactures multi-band short wave antennas for the military, commercial applications and for ham radio.

According to MOSLEY the antennas of many other manufacturers are actual copies of MOSLEY antennas... Indeed, MOSLEY antennas enjoy a high world-wide reputation and the company is known to be conservative and absolutely profound. As a matter of fact spare parts of very aged antennas are still available from MOSLEY!

Besides the usual standard antennas built extremely robust there a some real BIG beams for the "Big Guns".

Even the 6-band beams require just ONE feed line!

Here are some the facts about MOSLEY and their products:

Many years ago MOSLEY designed and built the first 3-band beam featuring one single metal-enclosed trap!

Since more than 50 years MOSLEY uses only stainless steel hardware!

Already 1979 MOSLEY built the world's first 6-band beam which required only one single feed line! Engineered in the MOSLEY tradition of Quality!

MOSLEY covers all aspects of manufacturing: They mold even the aluminum cast parts for the element/boom clamps in-house.

The trap bodies and other plastic parts are manufactured in-house with own 200 ton injection molds!

MOSLEY uses specially manufactured aluminum tubing! The material is cold drawn with tolerances less than 3 mm. They do not use rollformed aluminum which features a lower durability and higher tolerances.

Drilling is done with an automatic drill robot. Consequently the drilling holes have an accuracy of < 1 mm in the relative proportion to each other. The pre-drill holes are color coded for ease of assembly.

MOSLEY beams have an average lifetime of 25 years! By updating or reviving the antenna with spare parts (which will still be available by then) the antenna can be made fit to function another 25 years!

MOSLEY beams can be assembled without need for tuning 'blind folded'! The parts are pre-drilled and color coded for ease of assembly which means no measuring. Just connect the parts with identical color code and affix with nuts and bolts - ready. For assembly of the elements onto the boom simply correlate the color code on the element with the code on the boom and put together. For CW and SSB frequency range associate the corresponding color coded drill hole and bolt together!
Simple and easy!

All MOSLEY series antennas duplicate the laboratory sample in each and every detail due to the use of limited tolerances and rigid engineering standards. MOSLEY individually test every antennas. MOSLEY does not compromise quality for high demand.

MOSLEY beams may be a little bit more expensive compared to other manufacturers antennas without such a high level of pre-fabrication. In that case the customer must measure the length of the antenna elements, their correct positioning on the boom and follow very precisely the assembly and tuning procedures as described in the manual. With MOSLEY antennas there is not need for this at all!

MOSLEY antennas are pre-tuned, pre-drilled and color-coded for ease of assembly which means no measuring nor tuning! You don't even require a measuring stick!

MOSLEY antennas are constructed for highest mechanical loads and withstand windloads of (EIA Standard) 125km/h. Selected models are available as "heavy-duty" version with a re-enforced boom for extreme environmental conditions.

You may encounter some delay in delivery when having ordered a Mosley antenna.
However, in our opinion it is worth putting in the extra waiting time for a Mosley beam!

Antenna Feed for MOSLEY Antennas

Some don't know or don't believe it: A standard driven element as used with multi-band beams has a feed point impedance of approx. 52Ω. Consequently, all that is needed is a 50Ω cable in order to obtain the best possible match between cable and antenna!

Of course there are beam antennas which require, for various reasons, a matching circuit or T- or gamma matching to function properly. Following MOSLEY's philosophy this is worthless hardware which only adds to create further complexity!

MOSLEY beams do not require additional matching circuits. One single feed line connects to the dipole antenna and results in an optimal match on all bands as well as an extreme low SWR at the resonant points.

Spare Parts

Well, we hope you'll never need them but who knows...

Mosley maintains a huge storage of spare parts going back to equipment manufactured 50 (!) years ago.

You want to polish up an old Mosley antenna? No problem! You MUST have the part number available - without part number we won't be able to order spare parts. (So please keep in mind: Always maintain a record of your antenna's manual!).

When ordering spare parts please be aware and advised about the long lead times; we order spares cumulative directly from the States and that may take some extra time.


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  1. Mosley TA-34XL-WARC 5 Band Beam, 5 El.
    Mosley TA-34XL-WARC 5 Band Beam, 5 El.

    Mosley TA-34XL-WARC 5-Ele 5-Band Bea

    Ordered only on customer request, down payment required, delivery time approx. at 154 days

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  2. Mosley TA-34XL 3 Band Beam, 4 El.
    Mosley TA-34XL 3 Band Beam, 4 El.

    Mosley TA-34XL 4-Element 3-Band Beam

    Ordered only on customer request, down payment required, delivery time approx. at 154 days

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    SKU 11805

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