Diamond CPVU-8 8-Band Vertical /0.7/2/10/15/20/40/80m

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Vertical antenna for shortwave and V/UHF. A small antenna for radio amateurs with space restrictions. Allows operation on 80, 40, 20, 15 und 10m, plus VHF 2m and UHF 70cm! Gain on 2m is 2.1dBi, on 70cm 5.5dBi. Max. power 200W SSB (3.5 - 50 MHz), 150W FM (50 - 440MHz). Total length 2.7m, length of five lower radials approx. 1.5m, weight 2.4kg, max. wind speed 125km/h. For operation on HF no further radials are required! The center frequency can be adjusted for each band. Due to the shortened design of the antenna the usable bandwith can be limited, a tuner might be required.
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Radiator Type Omnidirectional
Title Diamond CPVU-8 8-Band Vertical /0.7/2/10/15/20/40/80m
Short Description Diamond CPVU-8
Supported Bands 70cm, 2m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 40m