EAntenna LogoEAntenna manufactures not only directional antennas but also omnidirectional vertical antennas. The monoband verticals "AVM" work as quarter wavelength radiators and require a radial network. The bandwidth is very large and usually covers the whole band with good SWR.

The DX vertical antennas from EAntenna are broadband and do not use traps. This results in a simple construction, low wind resistance and an unobtrusive design (in the USA these antennas are used as flagpoles). The impedance matching is done with a 1:4-UNUN balun, with a SWR of mostly less than 2.5:1. The exact matching can be achieved with an external or internal tuner. Or you use a coaxial cable as transformer, here you can achieve an even lower SWR with 33 or 45 m RG-213 directly at the balun. Additional radials or counterweights are necessary, in this case 4 wires of 5m each or 8 wires of 2m each are sufficient, but often more. Under ideal conditions the antenna can be operated with good SWR up to 70cm. The antenna comes with a 1kW or 3kW balun, the balun has a PL connector. The indicated wind speed is valid in three directions and in three heights when the antenna is mounted with guy wires.


Technical data DXM vertical


Technical data AVMvertical


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2 Items