W-1610 160/80/15/10m Dipole

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Product description Technical Data
Similiar to W-815, but for all 4 bands allowed to German class "E": 160/80/15/10m.

Length approx. 45m, includes Balun, max 200" SSB/SW.

The antenna weighs approx. 2.5kg. When the antenna is supported only at the ends the pull forces can become very high. Therefore it is recommended to install this dipole as an inverted Vee (supported from the middle) or to install an additional support in the middle as well.

The bandwidth of this antenna on 80m is approx. 150-200 kHz (SWR < 2), on 160m it's about 40-50 kHz; to use the entire 160m band a tuner is required.
Technical Data
Max. Power Handling 200W
Supported Bands 10m, 15m, 80m, 160m