Optimize your reception with Discone antennas

Discone antennas are an outstanding choice when it comes to covering a wide frequency range. In addition to their exceptional bandwidth, discone antennas also offer other advantages. Their compact design and ease of installation make them suitable for a variety of applications, like amateur radio or to monitor commercial frequencies.

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  1. Diamond D-130J Discone
    Diamond D-130J Discone

    Diamond D-130J Discone Antenne 25 - 1300 MHz

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  2. Discone antenna 75-900 MHz
    Discone antenna 75-900 MHz

    Discone, receiving antenna 25 to 1300 MHz, PL connector, incl. mast mounting material

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  3. D-150 Discone 50-1500 MHz
    D-150 Discone 50-1500 MHz

    D-150 Discone 50-1500 MHz (Rx), 50/144/430/1240 MHz Tx

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  4. D-220 Mobile Mini Discone
    D-220 Mobile Mini Discone

    Mini Discone for on the road, 70cm high, 100-1600 MHz, TX on 2m, 70cm, 23cm

    Available in 150 days

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    SKU 18059

8 Items



What is the frequency range covered by discone antennas?
Discone antennas cover a wide frequency range from 25 to 3000 MHz bandwidth.
What are the advantages of using discone antennas?
Discone antennas offer several advantages, including exceptional bandwidth, compact design, ease of installation, and suitability for various applications such as receiving amateur radio signals and monitoring radio frequencies in commercial environments.
How are discone antennas designed?
Discone antennas have a unique design characterized by a disk-shaped structure composed of concentric radial elements extending from a common center. This configuration provides the antenna with a wide frequency response and vertical polarization.
What does vertical polarization mean for discone antennas?
Vertical polarization in discone antennas means that electromagnetic waves are transmitted and received in a vertical orientation with respect to the ground. This orientation allows for better reception and more effective transmission and reception of signals.
Can discone antennas be used for transmitting as well?
Yes, some models of discone antennas provide the ability to transmit in certain amateur bands. This means that they can be used to actively participate in ham radio communication, further extending their versatility and usefulness.