VHF UHF and SHF Marine Antennas

International shipping uses radio frequencies on short wave as well as in the VHF range. For maritime radio on short wave on board of mobile radio stations (ship) we offer accessories for wire antennas (backstay), for a stationary radio station there is a wide range of short wave antennas. For the VHF range WiMo offers a wide range of marine antennas, both for ships and for radio stations on land.

One manufacturer for marine antennas is the world's leading company Shakespeare. The product range includes antennas for VHF (VHF), SSB-HF, AIS, WiFi, AM/FM, Loran, Orbcomm, mobile radio, HDTV and a very wide range of accessories. Shakespeare antennas are used by the US Navy, the US Coast Guard and other military facilities around the world. In over 100 years since the company was founded in 1897, Shakespeare has made a name for himself in the shipping industry. The high quality of the antennas is known all over the world.


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