Portable Antennas

Radio amateurs are often also nature lovers and therefore often outdoors. When hiking, camping or on holiday, there must be an opportunity for the hobby as well - but with which antenna?

Portable antennas are small antennas that are easy to take with you, because they are usually very light and small packed. They are available for almost all bands - from shortwave to far into the VHF/UHF range. On site they are quickly set up and allow radio operation from the mountain top or holiday location. Of course VHF antennas are already smaller because of the shorter wavelength, but here too every gram and every centimeter counts.

Portable antennas come in many forms: as vertical antennas, small directional antennas or even yagis. Some types like the HB9CV antenna are collapsible and very compact, other are even usable while walking. Some small models can be attached directly to a radio and do not even need a mounting possibility.

In any case portable antennas make it possible to practice the hobby of amateur radio in almost every situation, even if there is not much space available at home.

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Items 1-10 of 13