Diamond RH-17 Equipment antenna 70cm, BNC

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Product description Technical Data
Equipment antennas with BNC connector for many older handheld radios and scanners with BNC socket.

  • RH-3: Extremly short equipment antenna, ideal for the jacket pocket

  • RH-17: Monoband antenna 70cm, very flexble whip

  • RH-701: Standard antenna, replacement for the most original antennas with BNC

  • RH-771: λ/4 on2m, 5/8 λ on 70cm

  • RH-536: Very flexible whip, like SRH-36, but with BNC

  • RH-951S: Is also suitable as scanner antenna for 120-1200 MHz!

  • RH-775: Black anodized telescopic antenna, also suitable for scanners

  • RH-770: A long telescopic antenna with some gain

  • RH-205: 5/8 telescopic antenna for 2m, Extra: the antenna can also be operated inserted then it has a quarter wave resonance on 2m.

  • RHF-20/40: Flexible whip which retains its form. Incl. special adaptor for SMA!
Technical Data
Supported Bands 70cm
Length [m] 17 cm