X-Quads from Flexa Yagi

Flexa Yagi LogoFlexa-Yagis have been developed and built in Germany by RS Ingenieurbüro for over 30 years. Among other things, they are characterised by their particularly low weight and great robustness. The stainless construction materials used guarantee a long service life of the Flexa-Yagis. The use of thin stainless steel elements requires a design that minimizes internal losses. The optimization principle according to DL6WU avoids extremely high element currents and allows excellent data for gain, diagram, adjustment and bandwidth at very low losses. The elements are clamped, thus avoiding drilling holes at the boom. All connections are low-loss, avoiding a mismatch and are weatherproof encapsulated. An external Teflon cable is used as balun.

WiMo offers the popular Flexa-Yagis for the 2m, the 70cm and 23cm band.


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  1. Flexa FX-2XX Yagis 144 MHz, 4 - 11 elements
    Flexa FX-2XX Yagis 144 MHz, 4 - 11 elements

    Flexayagi monaband yagi antenna for VHF, power handling 800 watts

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