Stationary, omnidirectional antennas

An omnidirectional antenna is an antenna that can receive the signal equally well from all directions. Also known as omni, omnidirectional antenna, etc. An omni-directional antenna can also have a gain. In this case, the radio field is 'flattened', i.e. deformed in such a way that the antenna does not hear as much up and down, but better in the distance.

FM omnidirectional antennas can be found at almost every radio amateur, they are the ideal antenna for local traffic. Vertically polarized like most antennas like relays and mobile stations they are easy to install and unobtrusive in appearance. Multiband antennas offer good performance and trouble-free operation on the most popular FM amateur radio bands such as 2m, 70 and 23cm.


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  1. Diamond X-300 omnidir. antenna 2m/70cm, PL or N
    Diamond X-300 omnidir. antenna 2m/70cm, PL or N

    Diamond X-300 for 2m and 70cm; l=2.9m; PL or N connection

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  2. Diamond X-5000 VHF Omni 2m/70/23cm
    Diamond X-5000 VHF Omni 2m/70/23cm

    Diamond X-5000 for 23cm,2m,70cm; l=1.8m; N-connector

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What is a stationary FM omnidirectional antenna?
A fixed VHF omnidirectional antenna is an antenna designed to receive VHF broadcast waves and radiates a uniform signal in all directions. Unlike directional antennas such as directional or Yagi antennas, an omnidirectional antenna is suitable for use in areas with uneven coverage or for receiving signals from different directions.
How do I install a fixed VHF omnidirectional antenna?
The installation of a fixed FM omnidirectional antenna depends on the type of antenna you are using. Generally, you will need to mount the antenna in a location where it has a clear view of the sky and connect it to a suitable receiving unit. It may also be necessary to install an earthing kit to prevent lightning damage. Please note that the installation of antennas may be regulated in some areas and it is important to follow all relevant regulations.
What are the advantages of a stationary VHF omnidirectional antenna?
A stationary FM omnidirectional antenna offers several advantages, including uniform signal coverage in all directions, higher tolerance to signal interference and the ability to receive signals from different directions. In addition, FM omnidirectional transmitters are usually easy to install and require little maintenance. However, if you choose a stationary VHF omnidirectional transmitter, you should ensure that it is suitable for your specific requirements and that you follow all relevant installation regulations.